Over 50 Years Screen Printing Experience

At Tec Color Craft, we offer a wide variety of Screen-Printing equipment. Providing our customers with printing capabilities that are job specific. Our presses range from semi-automatic to fully automatic, as well as large format capabilities. With 12 Screen Printing presses in operation, we are able to provide our customers with professional print quality and on-time performance. 

Industry Leading Digital Equipment

The growth of  digital printing technology has brought technical advancements, more options, and exciting new opportunities to today’s marketing campaigns.  Digital printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing, including making films, and burning screens.   Because of this we are able to get you a much better per unit cost on shorter runs as well as give you the ability to print custom images with an unlimited amount of colors.  Why’s this you ask?  Well, digital printers are much like your average desktop printer you have at home but on a much larger scale!  Our equipment prints the essential 6 colors (CMYK + light cyan and light magenta) as well as 8 colors and White. With the ability to print up to 2 inches thick and 10 feet wide, the possibilities are endless!  And, did we mention we can also router cut material up to 2″ thick?

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