File Preparation
Art Files

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.  We highly recommend creating your artwork with this program being that it’s the industry standard.  Please save your file in any vector format which includes; .pdf, .eps and .ai.  If your artwork consist of 4 color process images, you’re more than welcome to submit your files using Adobe Photoshop.

ADOBE Swatch Library

When creating spot color stickers, each color will need to be selected from the Pantone swatch library and these need to be noted in the Adobe swatch library.  Each Pantone ink color is numbered and we use a specific mixing formula for each Pantone color to ensure accurate color matching.  If you don’t see a specific Pantone color that works for you, but have a physical sample of the color, we will be more than happy to color match your job using that sample at no additional fee.


Convert all text to outlines

When using Adobe Illustrator converting text to outlines for print-ready vector artwork is essential. Live Fonts created using the type tool can cause problems when submitting your artwork. If you use a typeface that we do not have installed on our computers, all text in the document will print incorrectly. This is why you’ll find that fonts within most vector logos (containing text) will have been converted to outlines, paths, or curves. This basically means that the text is no longer text; it has become a graphic, and the text cannot be altered.  The image to the left will show you how to accomplish this.  Type -> Create Outlines

Specify Clear area in artwork

If your project is being printed on clear vinyl, please make sure you specify the clear areas by using the color gray.  This helps us understand exactly what you’re looking for and need as a finished project.  Also specify the cut lines by using a 1pt. stroke of Magenta.


Everyone wants a Sticker cut perfectly to the shape of their artwork, but there’s a fine line when it just becomes too much.  Now, i’m not saying we can’t do it, but here’s two things to know about intricate cutting; The Steel Rule Die’s that are needed to cut the stickers are very expensive, and the more sharp points you have on your stickers the easier it is to catch on something and start to peel.  The last thing you want is your new stickers coming off because of it’s crazy sharp cut lines, especially if it’s a new marketing program.

 Keep it simple and save money.

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