How to create die line for your artwork

Step 1 – Create a new color swatch “100% Cyan” and name it “Die Line”

Step 2 – Select the entire image ** Short Cut = Command A

Step 3 – Copy the entire image and paste it to the front * * Short Cut = Command + C > Command + F

Step 4 – Select the entire image and make the FILL COLOR the new color you created which is DIE LINE.  It should now look similiar to the image below

Step 5 – Under the WINDOW menu scroll down to PATHFINDER‘ and open that window.  Once you have that open, select the UNITE option to unite everything. ** make sure everything is selected when doing this

Step 6 – Select everything once again and add an 18pt. stroke of the same color swatch we created in step 1.  When doing this, make sure you have the ROUND CORNER option selected in the stroke window.  Image on the left does not have the round corner option selected while the one on the right does.

Step 7 – Select everything once again and go into the OBJECTS menu and scroll down to PATH, here you will select OUTLINE STROKE.

Step 8 – With everything still selected, go into the PATHFINDER box and select the UNITE option one more time.  Once that is complete, swap the fill for the stroke and you should get the below image and your die line will be there! WAHOOOOO ALMOST DONE

Step 9 – The last step is to clean up you new die line, and we’ll do that by eliminating all unnecessary points with the (-) PEN TOOL located in your tool bar.  Select the die line so you can see all the points and click on the with the (-) tool and poof they be gone. 🙂